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To Achieve The Desired Drying Effect

- Apr 08, 2018 -

     The machine adopts the most scientific drying principle. The hot air in the hot blast stove is directly injected into the upper and lower bellows in the machine by the centrifugal fan. The hot blast is blown onto the upper and lower sides of the running veneer through the nozzles of the upper and lower bellows so that the veneer is heated evenly. To play the role of drying.

     Transmission system:

The slicing veneer is fed into the machine from the feeding port in the longitudinal direction, and the chain drives the upper and lower rows of rollers. The relative operation is carried out by pressing the veneer forward by the weight of the upper roller. The veneer passes through the two rollers and the upper and lower blowing nozzles at the same time, reaching the drying Dry and hot flat effect, so the machine dried flat, smooth, seamless.

     Control System:

Use a variable speed gear to adjust the feeding speed according to your board thickness and moisture content to achieve the desired drying effect.

     Food dryer is a drying equipment that uses stencil as the conveying material for continuous drying. It is most suitable for flowing operation. Because the conveyor belt is a mesh, it is most suitable for drying regular or irregular various pieces (such as coal, various mineral powder, food, vegetables, etc.). This machine can be used with other equipment. It can also be used alone. The equipment can be widely used in metallurgy, building materials, ceramics, fertilizers, chemicals and other industries, and food dryers are also ideal equipment for drying food and vegetables.

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