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The Machine Is A Sealed Package

- Apr 08, 2018 -

Chocolate machinery is sealed packaging

     In terms of the composition of chocolate, chocolate can be divided into two categories: one is pure chocolate, and the other is compound chocolate made by replacing coco butter with cocoa butter (including refined fats, vegetable fats, etc.). When chocolate is put in the refrigerator to preserve it, icing occurs on the surface of the chocolate, or it causes anti-frost chocolate machinery due to oil.

     If the storage environment of the chocolate is moist, the sugar in the chocolate can be easily dissolved by the surface moisture, and after the water evaporates, it will leave sugar crystals. Even if it is a sealed package, there is no open chocolate, moisture will still penetrate from the fold or corner of the outer package, so that the chocolate surface is covered with a layer of gray and white icing sugar covered.

Chocolate Enrobing Machine.jpg

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