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Shachima / Egg Crisp Cake Production Line(Russia)

- Nov 06, 2018 -

Customer From Russia Onsite Inspection

     Welcome the customers from Russia to visit our company.

     Dongtai Hanyuan Food Machinery Manufacturing CO.,LTD. is one of the best specialized companies of manufacturing candy machine devices in China, such as cereal bar production line, chocolate bar production line ,peanut candy production line, shichima production line and so on.

Customer from Russia of shachima production line

Videos of Shachima Production Line

Sample of Shachima Production Line

Shachima Production Line

Contact Us Of Shachima Production Line


Address:Xingyu Industrial Park,Fangong,Dongtai,Jiangsu,China 

Sandy Ye

Tel/Wechat:+86 13505111590

Whatsapp:  +86 13505111590


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