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Machinery Of Cereal Bar

- Jul 05, 2018 -

     Cereal bar is made from oats, rice, corn and other cereals. The products of flaky and bar shaped with high viscosity syrup are added with kernel, dried fruit, candy, chocolate and other accessories in addition to the main raw grain. Cereal bars are popular snack foods and breakfasts at present, and have a large consumer market. 

     HANYUAN MACHINERY has developed a set of cereal bar machinery, according to the characteristics of nutrition cereal bars. This machinery for nutrition cereal bars is designed on the its characteristics of low temperature, high viscosity. This cereal bar making machinery is widely used in the sticky food with chocolate productive process, such as the cereal bar with chocolate painting, granola bars with chocolate, muesli bars with chocolate, energy bars with chocolate, etc. It is a high performance cereal bar machinery with its air conditioner refrigeration and separating function. 

     If you are interested in this Cereal Bar Machinery, Welcome to contact me: Sandy 0086 13505111590 (Phone Number, WhatsApp, Wechat). Email: sandy@hanyuan-group.com

Cereal Bar Machinery.jpg

Machinery of Cereal Bar.jpg

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