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Increased Production Efficiency

- Apr 08, 2018 -

     There are two kinds of molding methods in the candy production line when molding candy particles. They are stamping molding and casting molding. What are the working principles of the two molding methods?

A: Candy production line stamping equipment

The primary components: sugar feeders, sugar bars, sugar scrapers, sugar buckets, sugar unloading blades, unloading sugar buckets, rotating heads, and sugar cutting wheels. Press forming is the primary method of hard candy molding. The earliest use of intermittent single-shot molding, can only process one sugar at a time, the production efficiency is very low. At present, more continuous rotary presses are used, and more sugar can be punched out at the same time. The production efficiency is greatly improved.

Working principle: The cooled and evened sugar bar enters the molding machine, and the sugar candy bar is fed into the rotating head under the action of friction, and is rolled into the outer edge of the forming tank, after being pressed by the sugar cutting wheel. The sugar sticks are extruded into the forming groove and broken into sugar pieces, while the sugar-pulling rod moves forward under the push of the cam, pushing the sugar pieces into the forming hole, and shoveling the sugar pieces into the sugar dumping bucket and falling into the shaker screen. After the sugar blocks cool, they can be packaged.

B: candy production line cast molding equipment;

The main components: conveyor belts, model trays, sugar filling nozzles, sugar pumps, storage tanks, and cooling devices.

Casting can produce hard candy, soft candy and soft candy, and it has a large range of adaptability. The equipment needed is also the same. During the molding process, when the good sugar paste is still in the active state, the liquid sugar paste is quantitatively injected into the continuous operation of the model tray, and then quickly cooled and shaped, and finally separated from the model tray, and then sent to the packaging with the conveyor belt Machine for packaging.

Working principle: The function of the sugar watering pump is to push the sugar paste into the sugar mouthpiece. It is made up of two cylinders. The outer cylinder is a fixed cylinder. There is a tank path and storage trough on the side, the bottom hole is Note sugar mouth connected. The inner cylinder is an opening and closing cylinder. The connecting handle is connected with the left and right swing levers at the middle and the periphery of the cylinder. There is a small hole on the side and the bottom of the cylinder. When the swinging, the bottom hole is closed with the small hole at the bottom of the outer cylinder. The side small holes are connected with the channels of the storage slot, and the side small holes are closed with the side ports of the outer cylinder, and the bottom small hole of the wine bucket is connected with the sugar mouthpiece. In the opening and closing cylinder, there is a piston. When the piston moves up and down, air can be sucked in, and the Jiang sugar cream is pressed against the sugar filling mouth. The size of the piston's movement distance determines how much of the mass of confectionery is discharged, and the piston movement distance can be adjusted according to the size of the mass of the sugar. There is a sugar beaker at the bottom of each sugar-carrying pump, which equals the number of sugar models.

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