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Popular New Snacks Nougat Cake

- Jun 30, 2018 -

     Snowflake Nougat cake is a famous snack food, which is regarded as the upgrade of nougat. Snowflake Nougat cake tastes crisp and soft. Snowflake Nougat cake is made by mixing cookies with melted marshmallow and butter, splashing milk powder, cutting into candy shape.

     The addition of biscuit makes snowflake nougat cake taste more crisp, sweet and delicious. The addition of peanuts, almonds, cranberries and dried fruits further enriches the taste of snowflake nougat cake. A layer of tea or milk powder is sprinkled on the top of the snowflake nougat cake, like the snowflakes, it has a high level of appearance and taste.

     HANYUAN machinery specializes in producing the machinery of snowflake nougat cake. With the production experience of cereal bar/energy bar equipment, after three years of constantly updated iterations, HANYUAN MACHINERY’s snowflake nougat cake equipment has become increasingly perfect, convenient to use and easier to maintenance.

     HANYUAN MACHINERY provides the plant layout and production process consulting service.

     Contact us: +86 15862038599.

Nougat Cake Nougat Candy Production Line.jpg

Video of Nougat Candy Production Line

Nougat Cake Nougat Candy.jpg

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