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Confectionery machinery puts forward more and higher requirements

- Apr 08, 2018 -

     With the rapid development of the international candy industry, the competition among the candy companies is becoming increasingly fierce. Confectionery companies want to take their place and must adapt to the needs of the current market. In addition to focusing on the quality of the products, they also need to pay attention to the frequency of packaging, and the candy companies must In the fiercely competitive market, it is necessary to occupy a stable place. It is necessary to cope with the demands of the common market. In addition to adhering to the obedience of production and the quality of production, it is also necessary to pack the products delicately and use high-tech machinery, such as high-temperature sealed packaging materials and kink packaging. Membrane material, re-sealing packaging material film, so as to extend the gap between international manufacturers and developed countries.

     The development of international confectionery machinery will inevitably begin with the beginning of the packaging of confectionery, and the innovation of confectionery packaging will tend to be driven by the trend toward high-speed automation, versatility of multiple machines, and the characteristicization of packaging plans. Confidence With the development of informatization, China's candy companies will develop faster and mobilize the entire candy machinery industry.

     With the advancement and development of scientific skills during the period, China’s food industry has also bought a fast-growing channel. China’s candy industry has also been promoted from time to time. The new products are on the rise and the variety is beautiful. So far, China has become the second largest candy market in the world. These privilege also made the National Team candy machinery put forward more and higher requirements.

     The candy machinery configuration is divided into a pouring machine, a sugar cooker, a sugar boiler, a sandwich machine, a soft and hard candy production line, a candy packaging configuration, and the like. Each local candy machine plays a different role.

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