Nougat Cooker

Nougat Cooker

Low temperature double vacuum double boiling gas feeding mix cooker Low temperature double vacuum double boiling gas feeding mix cooker is boiling and gas feeding together , It improved outpu t and finished c an dy will be more bigger and delicious and more stable . This machine adopts double...

Product Details

Application of Nougat Cooker

     All the ingredients of the Nougat Cooker are cooked and rated the temperature to make the syrup not loose and stick which can improve the quality of soft candy production.

     This cooking unit of the Nougat Cooker is designed special for cooking soft-milk candy mass based on the aboard advanced technology.It can combine traditional manual processes to a compact unit via the automatic mechanical and electrical control. The unit can do the cooking, concentrating.inflation,stirring,and mixing automatically.such can make a good quality air-inflation candies.the chews candy,nougat,soft-milk candy,toffee candy,candy bar can be cooked by this machine.

Characteristic of Nougat Cooker

     Nougat Cooker is made of stainless steel.It is continuous aerating and mixing vacuum cooking unit foe sofr candy.This unit is one part of candy production line to make air-inflation candy which combined traditional manual process such as heating,concentration,mixing and aerating etc with reasonable configuration of mechanics,electrics,steam power and meters.It is applicable to produce toffee,nougats,milk candy,candy bar etc.

     1.Nougat Cooker adopts ball form big power mixing & Frequency conversion to make gas feeding reach maximum.

     2.Stable operation , operation and maintenance easy.

     3.Automatic temperature control and automatic alarm.

     4.Can be customized according to customer requirements.Nougat Cooker

Nougat Cooker

Nougat Cooker

Nougat Cooker

Nougat Cooker








Air compressors


Air consumption

Max 6000L/h

Steam pressure

Boiled pot


Insulation Pipe


Inflatable mixing pot


Heat preservation water

60-80 ℃







Nougat Cooker

     1.Product production is completed, by the quality inspection department to check. 
     2.After inspection qualified, clean for whole machine. 
     3.Packing: a.Inside the machine put desiccant b.Add 6 cm thick foam plate around the machine, then, winding stretch film for reinforcement, and combined with bubble wrap c.On wood packaging on the outside of the machine, then use metal reinforcement with steel. 
     4.Container: according to different products for reinforcement.

Nougat Cooker

Nougat Cooker

       Dongtai Hanyuan Food Machinery Manufacturing CO., LTD. is the sales and service company which is the first manufacturer to build the complete production line for depositing hard candies in China and has accumulated 30years’ fabrication experience. It is also one of the leading and professional exporters in China by providing customers home and abroad with high quality confectionery, chocolate, biscuit and packaging machinery. Our machinery have been exported to East European, south America, middle east, southeast Asia.

Nougat Cooker

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