Rice Candy Ball Molding Machine

Rice Candy Ball Making Machine is mainly used to produce rice candy ball, rice candy bar, round rice candy, sesame candy ball and so on. It is a forming machine for the production of rice candy with various shapes. This rice candy ball has perfect performance in making rice candy ball. It is continuous molding machine for rice candy ball making.

Product Details

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     Rice Candy Ball Molding Machine can produce all kinds of shapes of cereal bars with the raw material of rice, millet, wheat, highland barley, Chinese pearl barley, buckwheat, etc.   

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                             Model                               HY-ML260









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     1. It is multi-function rice candy ball molding machine.

     2. The shapes can be round, cylindrical, square, semi round, triangular and blossom, etc.

     3. Mechanical pressing and rubbing, does not hurt nuts and without waste.

     4. Mechanical driving, accuracy positioning, upper and nether molds tight fit, makes super rice candy ball shaping.

     5.This rice candy ball molding machine is equipped with  high performance frequency inverter, high efficiency.

     6. Molds and hopper are both non-sticky processed. All the parts of  rice candy ball molding machine may contacts food are all non-toxic material, oil and high temperature resistance.

     7. Cooling conveyor of  rice candy ball molding machine can be customized as demand.

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After-sale  Service of Rice Candy Ball Molding Machine.png

     One-stop After-sales Service,72-hours Quick Response.

     HANYUAN MACHINERY have many years' experience of food machine research and manufacturing experience, acquiring much food production technology.We can provide one-stop service for the customers: complete sets of equipment procurement, plant layout, production technology consulting, rapid after-sales service.

     HANYUAN MACHINERY provides for all equipment: 1 year warranty service, and take the lead in proposing the concept of lifelong maintenance in the industry(after the warranty period, the cost of accessories and the cost of labor are charged according to its real cost).

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