Nougat Forming Machine

Nougat Forming Machine is specially designed to produce the sticky snack food, such as Fruit Bark, Granola Bar, Nutrition Cereal Bar, Energy Bar, Nuts Bar, Nougat Cake, Nougat Caramel Treats and so on.

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     Nougat Forming Machine is specially designed to produce the sticky snack food, such as Nougat, Fruit Bark, Granola Bar, Nutrition Cereal Bar, Energy Bar, Nuts Bar, Nougat Cake, Nougat Caramel Treats and so on.


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       1. The structure for nougat forming with various sizes is reasonable.

2. The material of the feeding hopper is food grade.

3. The belt of the machinery is non-sticky for nougat forming.

4.  The cooling way of nougat forming machine is air-conditioner cooling which could achieve a good effect.

5. Feeding, paving, compressing, cooling,cutting by nougat forming machine at the same time.

6. It is controlled by frequency converter, controller box allows operator to set the required cutting length.Nougat Forming Machine Sample.png

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     1. Engineers available to service machinery overseas.

     2. Local training training how to use the  nougat forming machine.

     3. In order to improve our products, we keep in close contact with customers to know their feedback and suggestions of the nougat forming machine.

     4. From the date of the buyers receive the machines, 1 year warranty service, and take the lead in proposing the concept of lifelong maintenance in the industry (after the warranty period, the cost of accessories and the cost of labor are charged according to its real cost).

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