Muesli Bar Making Machine

Muesli Bar Making Machine with Cooling and Separating Function is specially designed to produce the sticky snack food, such as Muesli Bar, Nutrition Cereal Bar, Granola Nutrition Cereal Bar, Energy Bar, Nuts Bar, Nougat Cake.

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     Muesli Bar Making Machine with Cooling and Separating Function is specially designed to produce the sticky snack food, such as Muesli Bar, Nutrition Cereal Bar, Granola Bar, Nutrition Cereal Bar, Energy Bar, Nuts Bar, Nougat Cake. 

     This is muesli bar making machine is made up of feeding part, compressing part, cooling part, separate cutting part, conveyor. It has the advantage of simple operation, large production, good cutting effect and adjustable cutting length and so on. The latest generation muesli bar making machine characteristics for its high automatization, reasonable structure, convenient operation and maintenance. 
     This muesli bar making machine has the air-conditioner active refrigeration and separating function, which is compatible with the products of stickiness, chocolate layer and chocolate painting. 

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     1. This muesli bar making machine is suitable for sticky food for its air conditioning refrigeration function and separate cutting. 

     2. Feeding, paving, compressing, cooling, cutting, a sequence of production action.
     3. It has multi-compress structure to make uniform thickness. Cutting size can be adjusted of this muesli bar making machine. 

     4. This muesli bar making machine convenient operation and convenient maintenance.

     5. It is high automatization and has reasonable structure for muesli bar making.

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      Hanyuan Machinery Co., Ltd. is a true manufacturing company, having export rights. HANYUAN MACHINERY is located in Dongtai City, Jiangsu Province, China. Our company specializes in sets of food machinery, providing professional food machinery customization service and food production technology consulting service. Our company has passed the ISO90001 quality system certification, and its products have passed the CE certification.

     We have two factories, the old one is about 6000, the new one is about 20000. HANYUAN MACHINERY invests quantitative funds each year to research and develop the new food equipment. If you have any special needs of food machine, just contact us, we will sincerely provide you with professional mechanical design and customization service.

     HANYUAN MACHINERY provides for all equipment: 1 year warranty service, and take the lead in proposing the concept of lifelong maintenance in the industry(after the warranty period, the cost of accessories and the cost of labor are charged according to its real cost).

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