Baking Oven Machine

Baking Oven Machine

Baking Oven Machine is mainly apply to bake all kinds of bread, cake, cookie, biscuit and pasties.

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     Baking Oven Machine is mainly apply to bake all kinds of bread, cake, cookie, biscuit and pasties.    

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                           Capacity                                     100kg/h



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     1. This baking oven machine is used wide range , for baking meat bread moon cake toast biscuit cake and so on.

     2. It can get a good performance in working and save the energy.

     3. Mechanical panel and intelligent control. It is easy to control the temperature ,time,and rotary system automatically which saves lots of time and vigor of operator.

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1.Which kind of food machine do your company produce?

     Key: HANYUAN MACHINERY specializes in the production of Food Making Machine, Frying Machine, Baking Machine, Molding Machine, Packing Machine, Nutrition Cereal Bars line, Rice and Nuts Bar Moulding Line, Caramel Treats Line, Oatmeal Chocolate Line, and other kinds of food machinery. Our company also provides professional food machinery customization service and food production technology consulting service.

     We accept special customization, if you have any special needs of food machine, just contact us, we will sincerely provide you with professional mechanical design and customization service.

2. Do your company provide the layout design of the whole production line?

     Key: Yes, our company can provide professional layout design consultation. Layout design service provided after received customer's factory layout size. Our engineer will design the line according to your requirement.

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